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Kór Harvard Háskólans með tónleika í Hallgrímskirkju 20. janúar nk. Um leið og öllum karlakórum landsins er óskað gleðilegs árs er hér áframsent bréf

Kˇr Harvard Hßskˇlans me­ tˇnleika Ý HallgrÝmskirkju 20. jan˙ar nk.

Um lei­ og ÷llum karlakˇrum landsins er ˇska­ gle­ilegs ßrs er hÚr ßframsent brÚf frß Harvard University Choir sem kemur til landsins Ý ■essum mßnu­i. Ef vilji er til a­ hafa samband vi­ kˇrinn e­a lei­beina honum er hŠgt a­ hafa samband vi­ ne­angreinda adressu e­a hafa samband vi­ bandarÝska sendirß­i­ Ý ReykjavÝk.

My name is Andy Troska and I am the Senior Choir Secretary of the Harvard University Choir. From 18-22 January 2017, we will be coming on tour to Reykjavik and are so excited to explore Iceland and share our music. Our tour will culminate in a concert in Hallgrimskirkja at 8pm on 20 January, and we hope you will join us! The program features music by Bach, Byrd, and an array of modern and contemporary American composers under the direction of our conductor Edward Elwyn Jones.

We found your contact information with the help of the American Embassy in Reykjavik and thought that you and your members might be interested in attending our performance. Would you be willing to share the attached flyer with your membership? We would be very grateful!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or any suggestions for a choir visiting Iceland for the first time!

Warm wishes for a happy New Year, and thank you in advance for your help.


Harvard University Choir

Memorial Church

1 Harvard Yard

Cambridge, MA 02138


Temporary address: During Fall Term 2016, the Memorial Church will be undergoing much needed renovations. The Music Department of the Memorial Church has temporarily relocated to the 3rd Floor of 44R Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

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